Wallcovering installation is by its very nature a subjective decorating process. Some of the contributing factors to this subjectivity are:

a) the existing wall surface and related structures

b) pattern and/or texture

c) physical properties of the wall covering

All of the above-listed factors and others will impact the finished wall covering installation to some degree. The wisest course of action is to take all three factors into consideration when selecting your wall covering. Joan Hobbs, Inc. can give you valuable advice in the area- please ask.

Time is money. The proposal you have received is for installing wall covering and related wall preparation. Some factors that result in a higher than normal price are: time consuming wind treatments, limited work space, furniture moving and fixture removal, limited parking, and high-rise or difficult locations involving elevator travel. In effect, anything that causes extra time spent on the site. Your contractor can give the best service at the lowest rate if the walls are bare, all furnishings are moved 3 feet away from any walls. and sinks, counter tops and medicine chests are clear/empty.

A professional installer has years worth of experience with myriad wall coverings and will amply that experience in installing your wallcovering. Every wall covering has certain inherent features that limit what can be accomplished with that particular material. Joan Hobbs, Inc. will make every effort to produce the best job possible within those limitations.