Wallcovering Specifications Information Needed

  1. Width of wallcovering
    a. Is it trimmed or untrimmed?
  2. Pattern repeat- vertical and horizontal
    a. What type of match is the vertical repeat?
    – Random
    – Straight-across match (screen repeat?)
    – Half-drop match (screen repeat?)
    – Multiple-drop match (war, but it does occur)
  3. How is the wallcovering sold?
    a. By the roll- how many yards/roll
    b. By the yard
    c. By the panel- how many yards/panel
  4. How is the wallcovering packaged?
    a. In a double roll, a triple roll?
    b. If its sold by the yard, is it packaged in pre-cut rolls or bolts? If so, how many yards/ package? Or is it sold in a continuous linear yard bolt?
    c. If it’s sold by the panel, can’t he panels be custom size?
  5. Manufacturers of the goods (more info may be available online)

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